There seems to be a subtle emergence of independent films being that screams out 80’s aesthetic ready for us to pounce on. Creative wizards MaseBrothers have finally released their long awaiting Kickstarter project for the internet to finally watch. It received $16,725 which was over their predicted budget of $15,000. Cyborg: Deadly Machines is ready to be witnessed by the internet so we have reviewed it to see if it is worth your while.


Cyborg immediately screams Terminator vibes from the get go which brings comforting familiarity and nostalgia, even if a bit too similar. The characters are very likeable and you enjoy getting to know them and figuring them out as the movie flows. Barry is a highlight of character design and is the perfect instalment of comic relief that takes the edge off how serious the film comes across. There isn’t a bad character in this movie and that does taking some doing to pull off.


The story comes across quite cliché which again isn’t a bad thing referring back to the familiarity of these kind of films released during the 80s. The script is wonderful when it’s hilarious and when the film kicks ass. The fist fight scene between Alex and the Cyborg is questionable and the only scene we didn’t enjoy. The one liners are very hit and miss, but when they’re good they are humorous and badass. The deaths are absolutely gruesome and are marvellously done. The soundtrack provided by Meteor and Fixions is incredible and really adds perfectly to the movie’s aesthetic.


The production and the effects are true to the word that it’s focussed on 80’s/90’s thrillers. It’s brilliantly stylish and screams cyberpunk. The effects from the blood and gore to the fight scenes are nicely executed and even give Kung Fury a run for its money at times. The budget has definitely not gone to waste and Cyborg: Deadly Machine has used every penny to perfection with the effort put into the production. When the film turns into an early 90s video game the humour and animation are on par with the sheer top quality this film provides.

Cyborg: Deadly Machines demonstrates that it deserves to be in the same league as Kung Fury or Blood Machines regarding synthwave popularity. It’s slick production, sassy script and tonnes of action is worth your time to sit down and enjoy indie film making at it’s very best. There seems to be so many ideas and questions regarding a follow up to this film. Hopefully, the MaseBrothers have more up their sleeve for this alleged start to a fun indie franchise.


– Matthew Clewley
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