Here is a new concept of very short mixtape, Micro Mix, with more than 15 tracks in less than 9 minutes. For this time, we have decided to take advantage of this Halloween day to deliver the Best of Darkwave. Enjoy!


After the concept of mixing cinematic universes and Synthwave music like Time Machine, Cyborg After All, Nexus Save the Queen and Stranger Kids, we decided to move on. Indeed, the Micro Mixes that we are going to produce go straight to the point, in a minimum of time while keeping the rhythm and the effectiveness of each track highlighted. The ultimate goal is to deliver the best of a style that makes up the Synthwave universe. For this time it’s about Darkwave style with brutal rhythms, overdriven sounds, horrific melodies and frenzied guitar solos. We therefore present TERROR ON THE DANCEFLOOR! So, put your headphones or your sound system on full blast! Note that after 1000 plays on Soundcloud, we’ll make it available for free download.

Cover by Dixel Art & TheDigitalArtist