Here is our team, the men who allowed RETRO SYNTHWAVE to reality.

Space Master


Retro name: Space Master
Design name
: Pixel Hunter
Real name
: Ludovic Carminati
Functions: Webmaster, Designer, Chief editor & Mix Machine
Retro place: Marseille (France)

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Ludovic aka Space Master is the founder of Retro Synthwave. He created all the design (logo and many visuals) as well as the development of the website with the help of Marius from Rascals. But also and above all, he managed the exceptional content directly related to the world of Synthwave and Retro Design. He’s also the main editor, 80s treasure hunter, interviewer of renowned artists but he also takes care of Retro Synthwave exclusive Mixtapes. Note that he’s the creator, as DaftSide, of the most complete site of the robots, namely Daft Punk Anthology.

Boss Ninja


Retro name: Boss Ninja
Real name: Alex Dubus
Functions: Video Production, Creative Direction & Business strategist
Retro place: Manchester (UK)

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With a 25 year background in the VFX industry, Alex has worked on many well known titles in gaming, feature films and TV shows. His passion for the 80s and his long friendship with Space Master since the 80s made this partnership a no-brainer.

Electric Clewboogaloo


Retro name: Electric Clewboogaloo
Real name: Matthew Clewley
Function: Interviewer, editor
Location: Stoke-on-Trent (UK)

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Matthew has six years of writing experience under his belt with publications such as Kerrang, Uncut and At The Theatre. With an undying love for everything 80s Retro Synthwave is the next great step in a career craving kick drums and red wine.



Retro name: Brainwasher
Real name: Mikael Schutz
Functions: Interviewer, translator
Retro place: Paris (France)

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A mysterious man who loves cinema, electronic music and video games.

Greg Lassale


Retro name: Greg Lassale
Real name: Gregory M. Lassale
Function: Translator, editor
Location: St. Paul, MN (USA)

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An hobbyist writer, Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, bedroom musician, occasional surfer and frequent traveler, Greg got turned on to electronic music in the late 80s and became a fan of synthwave after seeing Drive.



Retro name: SilverHawk
Real name: Donny Braco
Function: Musical advisor
Location: Chalon-sur-Saône (France)

Contact SilverHawk

He’s a musician since the age of 13 as a guitarist and bassist, he was able to integrate some bands with different styles such as Metal, Punk and Hardcore but he realized that the guitar wasn’t his chosen instrument in life. Raised by the 80s in different styles, from Pop to Hip-Hop, Big Beat to Break Beat, Funk to Outrun, New Beat to New Wave or Cold Wave, SilverHawk can compose anything with style and creativity. He’s a great advisor for all musical instruments of our special pages. He also composed the main theme of our website.