Selection of Video Clips & animations in 3D-2D from the new generation of animators largely inspired by the 80s.

Video Clips

Turbo Killer

The two French directors “Raphael Hernandez” and “Savitri Joly-Gonfard”, known as “Seth Ickerman”, realized the video clip of Turbo Killer by “Carpenter Brut”. Breathtaking visual effects, with references taken from video games and movies from the 80s, a sports car in full-speed, sexy women with perfect bodies, atmosphere between retro futuristic & horror. The next step is a short film named “Blood Machines” with a soundtrack by the same musician so, stay tuned!

Directors: Raphael Hernandez & Savitri Joly-Gonfard

She's Electric

Here is simply an animated work of art named “She’s Electric”, made by the brothers “Santiago & Mauricio Sierra”. We can feel a big influence of the 80s at the level of photography but also in special effects. The legendary “TRON” but also “Enter The Void” by the French “Gaspar Noé” are very clearly a great inspiration. A futuristic night stroll featuring the model “Alana Zimmer” on a track “Ocean Drive” coming from the pillar of Synthwave “Miami Night 1984”.

Directors: Santiago & Mauricio Sierra

3D Animations

Twin Ion Sunset

Star Wars saga was supposed to have a video in reference to Synthwave universe, and it’s the artist Gareth Wood who did it. Member of the 501st Legion, he’s an expert in 2D/3D animation and it’s logical that he devoted himself to this 3D video. He highlights some X-Wings around the Death Stars with lights and colours inspired by 80’s spirit. He used “Cinema 4D” for 3D and “After Effects” for lighting effects. Also, Mr Wood made the music and we love it!

Director: Gareth Wood


Created by the artist “Florian Renner”, this huge video named “Retrowave” has served (not officially) to image the track “Accelerated” from “Miami Night 1984”, a Synthwave pillar. Made with the 3D creation software “Cinema 4D” by Maxon and an editing video program by Abobe, “After Effect”, this animation beautifies the Synthwave universe with retro-futuristic elements and fantastic colors including a sports car at full speed. Modeled with ingenuity, it’s inspired by TRON.

Director: Florian Renner

Crystal City

Again created by the German prodigy “Forian Renner”, here’s a teaser created for the occasion of the album’s release of  “Crystal City” by the Swedish artist “Robert Parker” for NRW Records (by NewRetroWave). Excellently modeled with a rolling sports red car (like the Ferrari Testarossa of Kavinsky) on a sunny road, these are stylized by Miami Vice’s atmosphere. This video gives more beauty to the visual world of Synthwave, with less dark colors.

Director: Florian Renner

Cartoons / 2D Animations

La-Z Rider

Here is an introductory scene from the animated series “The Simpsons”, directly assimilated to a tribute of the Synthwave world. As a guest animator, “Steve Cutts” has imaged the main actors of this cartoon under a radically different perspective. At the 80’s in Miami, Homer still sitting on the couch, puts sunglasses and goes to a lower level with a hidden elevator. Renamed “Joe Kazinsky” (tribute to Kavinsky?), he tracks his enemy Fernando Whitmore (Ned) with his living sofa and weapons.

Director: Steve Cutts

Enjoy the videos