Selection of Video Clips & animations in 3D-2D from the new generation of animators largely inspired by the 80s.

Video Clips

Turbo Killer

The two French directors « Raphael Hernandez » and « Savitri Joly-Gonfard », known as « Seth Ickerman », realized the video clip of Turbo Killer by « Carpenter Brut ». Breathtaking visual effects, with references taken from video games and movies from the 80s, a sports car in full-speed, sexy women with perfect bodies, atmosphere between retro futuristic & horror. The next step is a short film named « Blood Machines » with a soundtrack by the same musician so, stay tuned!

Directors: Raphael Hernandez & Savitri Joly-Gonfard

She's Electric

Here is simply an animated work of art named « She’s Electric », made by the brothers « Santiago & Mauricio Sierra ». We can feel a big influence of the 80s at the level of photography but also in special effects. The legendary « TRON » but also « Enter The Void » by the French « Gaspar Noé » are very clearly a great inspiration. A futuristic night stroll featuring the model « Alana Zimmer » on a track « Ocean Drive » coming from the pillar of Synthwave « Miami Night 1984 ».

Directors: Santiago & Mauricio Sierra

3D Animations

Twin Ion Sunset

Star Wars saga was supposed to have a video in reference to Synthwave universe, and it’s the artist Gareth Wood who did it. Member of the 501st Legion, he’s an expert in 2D/3D animation and it’s logical that he devoted himself to this 3D video. He highlights some X-Wings around the Death Stars with lights and colours inspired by 80’s spirit. He used « Cinema 4D » for 3D and « After Effects » for lighting effects. Also, Mr Wood made the music and we love it!

Director: Gareth Wood


Created by the artist « Florian Renner », this huge video named « Retrowave » has served (not officially) to image the track « Accelerated » from « Miami Night 1984 », a Synthwave pillar. Made with the 3D creation software « Cinema 4D » by Maxon and an editing video program by Abobe, « After Effect », this animation beautifies the Synthwave universe with retro-futuristic elements and fantastic colors including a sports car at full speed. Modeled with ingenuity, it’s inspired by TRON.

Director: Florian Renner

Crystal City

Again created by the German prodigy « Forian Renner », here’s a teaser created for the occasion of the album’s release of  « Crystal City » by the Swedish artist « Robert Parker » for NRW Records (by NewRetroWave). Excellently modeled with a rolling sports red car (like the Ferrari Testarossa of Kavinsky) on a sunny road, these are stylized by Miami Vice’s atmosphere. This video gives more beauty to the visual world of Synthwave, with less dark colors.

Director: Florian Renner

Cartoons / 2D Animations

La-Z Rider

Here is an introductory scene from the animated series « The Simpsons », directly assimilated to a tribute of the Synthwave world. As a guest animator, « Steve Cutts » has imaged the main actors of this cartoon under a radically different perspective. At the 80’s in Miami, Homer still sitting on the couch, puts sunglasses and goes to a lower level with a hidden elevator. Renamed « Joe Kazinsky » (tribute to Kavinsky?), he tracks his enemy Fernando Whitmore (Ned) with his living sofa and weapons.

Director: Steve Cutts

Enjoy the videos