The dark lord of synthwave Perturbator has released the music video for the song Death Of The Soul. This will be on the new Lustful Sacraments album scheduled for release on 28th May 2021.

Pinball machine that disturbs

The video directed by Metastazis is based on a pinball machine labelling different sections with bad habits commonly picked up by people. With focuses such as drugs, alcohol and gambling the pinball goes through dark cities and large casinos that label specific problems within the bad habits. The special effects in the video are great and the theme being portrayed of about dissatisfaction and self destruction will hit a nerve in a relatable way.

Heavy and groovy Track

The song itself is what you may expect with great production that does show nods to early NIN material. It is a song most definitely for the fans of his work; its heavy and groovy and would be an absolutely blast if this was live (you remember gigs, right?) and goes perfectly hand in hand with the video. It is a song that has the raw power you would expect from the French producer Perturbator.

A brillant and sits video

The video as a whole is brilliant and sits with the elite synthwave videos like Carpenter Brut’s Turbo Killer when it comes to special effects and telling a story. The pinball machine, with the use of dark landscapes with neon lights, definitely portrays the what the song is about perfectly. James Kent once again shows that there’s more to synthwave than 80s nods and nostalgia.

– Matthew Clewley
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