For this international day devoted to ‘Star Wars’, the famous May 4th, the new master of Synthwave music, Scandroid, has decided to unveil a new version of « The Force Theme ». And it’s just fantastic!

Indeed, these musical notes haunted us since 1977, thanks to the incredible talent of the legendary ‘John Williams’ and his symphonic orchestra. A track as fantastic as the saga invented by our god, George Lucas. After ‘Rogue One’ the best Spin-off of all time and the awaiting eighth episode ‘The Last Jedi’ that we expect a lot, the genius Klayton aka Scandroid wanted to celebrate the May 4th with ‘The Force Theme’ entirely revisited for a very high quality cover. We found the main melodie but enriched by the mastery of the artist and his incredible instruments, adding his huge touch of retro-futuristic sounds. A new poster was created for the occasion, still managed by the designer ‘Ninja Jo’. We love it and we ask for more again and again! Listen by yourself with the video below. And as Obi-Wan said: « Remember … the Force will be with you, always. »

Listen to THE FORCE THEME by watching this video

Cover Art by Ninja Jo

Klayton with his space machines

Let’s take a look to the musician with his fantastic machines that served to compose that huge Star Wars cover. For sure, JEDI spirits are into the studio of Klayton! See by your eyes.

BONUS by Celldweller

And don't forget, MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!

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