Scandroid, synthesizers genius from Detroit better known as Celldweller, will release a compilation of the best remixes of a ‘Scandroid Remix Contest’ for the track ‘Neo-Tokyo’ on August 25th.

After a version released on the remix album ‘Dreams of Neo-Tokyo’ by the DarkSynth masters of America, Dance with the Dead, Klayton (Scandroid) and the great record company FiXT decided to collaborate with NewRetroWave, the ultimate network dedicated to promoting the BEST in the emerging Retrowave scene, to create a Remix contest for the track ‘Neo Tokyo’. This compilation contains 12 versions of ‘Neo Tokyo’ but also their instrumental version. You will be able to listen some interpretations of artists like Chromatic (the winner), Toxxify, Astral, 3Force, Beatman & Ludmilla, TweakerRay, Aviators, Hydraulix Snake and many others.

After a meeting with FiXT, Retro Synthwave has the privilege to make you listen to one of the versions revisited by Russian musicians coming from ‘Saint Petersburg‘ named 3FORCE. A huge remix with sounds that come from outer space closely linked to the cyberpunk spirit of Scandroid and an incredible energy that will be perfect for dancefloors. In exclusivity for RSW, here is the 3FORCE remix of the track ‘Neo-Tokyo‘ just below:

Here are the winners:
« Neo-Tokyo » Winner: Chromatique Remix
« Neo-Tokyo » Runner Up: Toxxify Remix

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