We may have another 80’s comedy film coming our way very soon and it is all the way from Hungary.

Captain Flame is a Patreon campaign that promises cyberpunks, cheesy villains, plenty of action and, most importantly, synthwave. The story takes place based in the 80s in a fictional city before the day of Christmas. Captain Flame’s super power is very unique; he can create flames from his index fingers. His useless power is sprung into action when he accidentally saves a reporter’s life. With anarchist punks causing havoc across the city, Captain Flame seems to be everyones hope.

The film score is composed by ENVO who is a very prominent figure in the synthwave scene in Hungary. He has been a synthwave musician since 2011 and an event organiser since 2006. The original songs are written by Grayson Hugh (Thelma and Louise). Captain Flame is directed by Balazs Hatvani who has worked with Mark Hamill, Tim Curry and Michael Winslow to name a few. The movie stars some of the greatest Hungarian dubbing actors in recent years; now they test their mettle with this live action thriller.

Below is the fantastic subtitled movie trailer in showing Captain Flame in his alcohol fuelled VHS trailer full of guns, swords, punks and enough foul language to put you into the Christmas Spirit.

Matthew Clewley & Space Master