To celebrate the creation of our Youtube channel named Retro Synthwave TV, here is Retro SyFy, a 7 min video with mythical 80s movies and an exceptional Synthwave track.

The main purpose of this video was to gather a multitude of films & series of the 80s that we consider as cult. A video clip of a track that perfectly represents the world of Synthwave, a very spatial remix of College – Révélation by the German artist Hyboid. All established with coherence, paying particular attention to the synchronization of each loops, as if the scenes themselves played the music.

With some great childhood memories from those movies, we’ve thought of scenes for each part of the track. So there’s Science Fiction, Horror and even Heroic Fantasy. You can see some sequences from Aliens, Terminator, Robocop or Chucky, Freddy, The Fly but also Willow, Dark Crystal, Never Ending Story and more (check the end credits). A total of 48 films and 2 mythical series making a single video that almost tells a story. Put yourself in the dark with your headphones, turn up the volume and keep your eyes open!

For the pleasure of eyes, we thought of a Synthwave Visual Filter to highlight the Purple color.
Just Enjoy ➡️

Video Editing by Space Master
Music by College & Hyboid

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