For the lovers of horror movies, from all ages (including the 80s), here is the latest work of the image magician, Antonio Maria Da Silva. We are talking about magic because the artist has mastered the art of mixing several scenes of mythical films, while imagining new stories. This is MASHUP film and it’s simply magical. It’s important to note that this is the same artist who created the two incredible Hell’s Club, the terrifying Rise of the Boogeymen but also some clashes between Terminator and Robocop, Darth Vader and Predator, Jason and Michael Myers, Neo and Spider-man and a lot of Mashups, more impressive than each others (his Youtube page here). The power of those short films is the visual effects, that bring a completely natural mix between various films borrowed, but also the stories imagined that bring something totally unique.

For his last release named THE OVERLOOK HOTEL, we have a mix of horror legends such as The Exorcist, Psycho, Mama, Christine, It and many others… to form a truly impressive medium-length film, showed like a sequel of the timeless SHINING (Stanley Kubrick / Stephen King). Not to mention again the fantastic special effects, the scenario goes even further than the original with even more intense psychological escapes. From the first minutes, we’re totally embarked on the story and quickly forget that it’s a Mashup, it’s the strength of this last work. It’ about one of the greatest tribute of Stephen King and undeniably of Jack Nicholson who has never been showed with such ingenuity. That’s a very good subject of madness in isolated environment. A rare quality that elevates the simple word ‘Mashup’ to masterpiece rank. Just fantastic!

Namely that the director is on several projects including Hell’s Club 3 (necessarily) but also Dinosaur Hunters bringing together all the fighting machines of cinema (Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Willis, Dwayne Johnson…) but also on one of the biggest tributes ot Steven Spielberg. Stay Tuned!