After 2 years since his last full original release Luke Million has returned with a new single Heard It On The Radio featuring Asta.

That doesn’t mean has not been busy as he has still been touring and producing music for various other musicians like the upcoming Vast Hill. Luke Million has a die hard fanbase that has always stuck with him and rightly so for the talented Australian artist. He juggles his music and touring like a circus act and we have finally now been given a sweet taste of some new tunes. Luke Million has a lot at his disposal and with guest stars like Sam Sparro on Back To The Rhythm.

Heard It On The Radio is a dark and compelling single that provides pure beauty musically and vocally. Asta is absolutely captivating providing the vocals to this catchy piece of perfection. Its everything you expect from a classic synthwave song with its emotional lyrics and a strange Lady Gaga meets Alison Moyet vibe to it. It’s ridiculous how good this song is and it wouldn’t surprise us if this would enter the charts.

Heard It On The Radio is like addictive candy without the cavities as it’s completely harmless to get hooked on it. With promise of live shows and more tunes watch this space as Luke Million has delivered a synth fuelled beauty with this track. Note that a nice video clip directed by Matt Sav and produced by Luna Laure accompanies the release of this single.

Written by Matthew Clewley
Designed by Space Master

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