Since the release of 2016’s Atlas FM-84 have been one of the bands to watch for new releases and lives shows.

Ollie Wride brings his unique and tremendous voice to FM-84 to officially join Col Bennett as they have announced some live shows. We’ll be definitely attending their Brixton Academy show on 26th May 2019 after they blown away expectations at their sold out London gig at The Garage on 16th February. It has been a while since they released new material after the incredible Never Stop entered stomped it’s way into out playlists.

Bend & Break is the first new song since Ollie officially joined FM84 with the lyrics written by him. Musically it’s just so damn superb that and with Ollie’s vocals it’s just the perfect combination of a duo partnership in music. The chorus is furiously catchy and this would definitely be sensational live. It’s a simple beat with a punchy snare, the musicianship with the synths and guitar from Col Bennett is absolutely on fire. Every time we hear this song it makes us look forward to the summer and to seeing FM-84 live. FM84 have become one of the finest synthwave bands to walk on this planet and there is absolutely no stopping them.

Bend & Break is just solid proof that FM84 put every ounce of effort into their music it’s superbly catchy and you will want to get on your feet after listening to it. For the love of God please release an FM84; us at Retro Synthwave will be waiting.

Written by Matthew Clewley
Designed by Space Master
Photo by Andrew Bwhite
Artwork by Velázquez and Col Bennett