Power Glove have provided us here at Retro Synthwave with an exclusive feature for their song Haunted off their upcoming album Playback.

Haunted is a vicious tune that fuses together Castlevania and Daft Punk into an unstoppable force of Funk with fabulous retro sounds. The quiet chiptune intro boosts straight into power. The use of the hammond organ and the ferociously heavy bass is the mixture you didn’t know you wanted or needed.

Its sampled brilliantly well and provides enough adrenaline to fuel you through the day and add chase scene imagery to your head. Power Glove have been fairly absent in recent years, but songs like Haunted show they have returned with a classic, yet evolved sound. Who knew that horror and funk could be a match made in heaven? The answer is simple – Power Glove.

Written by Matthew Clewley
Designed by Space Master
Artwork by Chrome & Lightning