I had the absolute joy of seeing Futurecop! live at Night Arcade in Manchester last year to such a bumping crowd.

A very lively set compared to most DJs which including some epic neon light drum sticks. Futurecop! brings the joy of synthpop to us with the new song called We Belong which features Paralells. It’s not a Pat Benatar cover, but it’s exciting regardless to have new music. A music video is also released on 18th January.

We Belong is meant to capture the vibe of « childhood memories meets Eastern Spirituality ». The music video are shots of different parts of the Yoga Capital on Rishikesh, India and they are absolutely stunning. Synthwave relies heavily on nostalgia and gives us an incredible insight to growing up as a child in India. We Belong is absolutely spot on for what a synthpop should be. It’s energetic, easy listening and catchy. The light vocals are perfect for this song and add to the energy. There’s heavy Cyndi Lauper influence which is executed very well.

In hindsight the video fits the childhood memories better than the song. However, this is already becoming one of the best songs to be released by a synthwave musician so far this year. I can’t stop listening to it, and I hope with gigs like Outland in London that this will be played on the set.

We Belong is a heartfelt, nostalgic journey that will be bouncing around your head.

Written by Matthew Clewley
Designed by Space Master

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