The Retro Synthwave team strives to highlight Synthwave projects big and small. This week, we bring to you “Night Run”, an 80s-inspired action film project helmed by Los Angeles-based Playback Collective (aka Erick M. Solis and Alicia E. Salazar). The storyline is an obvious nod to 80s B-movies, and the trailer doesn’t shy away from the genre’s tropes: Dead guy comes back from the dead in a fancy car, overexposed – and underexposed – shots, car explosions, overacting, one-dimensional characters and a main antagonist named Johnny, who might or might not attempt to sweep Daniel’s leg before it is all over.

Of course, the movie promises a powerful, action-filled Synthwave soundtrack, courtesy of producer CROCKETT. Below is a 30 second snippet of his work:

Check out Night Run‘s trailer below:

Night Run‘s crowdfunding campaign was very successful and its original $5000 goal has been crushed, however we encourage all Synthwave fans to further support the project in any way they can. We can’t wait for the movie release to get our 80s nostalgia and Synthwave fix!

Article by Gregory Lassale