A few years there was a Kickstarter campaign that emerged to produce a high budget sequel to the amazing music video Turbo Killer by Carpenter Brut. What gave rise to BLOOD MACHINES, a clever mix between Star Wars, Blade Runner, Guardians of the Galaxy and Aliens, powered by a great dose of hallucinogens coming from hell.

Bombastic Space Opera by die hard fans of Sci-fi

Blood Machines received a lot of attention when it first got covered by some entertainment websites and was met with even more appraise when Carpenter Brut was going to make all the music. The pseudonym Seth Ickerman directed this bombastic space opera for those die hard fans of sci-fi to create an epic with a beautiful 80s twist. It follows two space hunters who have tracked down a machine trying to free itself. They discover that the artificial intelligence in the machine they have taken down has been free and escaped. The A.I, a flying naked woman, has an incredible amount of power which seems Godly. The bounty hunters realise this and go on the hunt for her. Even though it acts like a TV series being separated into three chapters it does feel like a full feature movie.

Embellished by an exceptional Artistic Direction

The movie is absolutely sensational when it comes to the artistic direction. The props, the CGI effects and how the characters look are tremendous making this one of the most visually appealing movies we have watched in a while. It is trippy and you will get lost into how perfect everything looks. Musically it’s top notch as Carpenter Brut provides an absolute charm of a soundtrack which can be fully appreciated during the last chapter of Blood Machines. The imagery and production ooze the 80s aesthetic we all crave and it is just mesmerising to watch. These are all the essential ingredients that puts a lot of Hollywood productions to shame with a story centred around artificial intelligence, soul of spaceship wrecks lost in space and women who have become mistress of the universe.

A story with spaceships, debris and space women

At first viewing, the story may seem difficult to understand for some people, but after having contemplated the magnificent making of (after the movie), everything makes sense and shows the titanic work of Seth Ickerman and his team. Which makes you want to see the film again, with new eyes. The actors were carefully chosen with Vascan as a Star-Lord coming from the dark side, funny but brutal; Lago as a mechanic co-pilot, weak and sick but endowed with great sensitivity; Corey as a strong woman, very determined who reminds us Ripley from the Alien saga; Tracy as a sexy C-3PO who is gaining momentum with its human version, and the soul of Mima who, once freed, becomes one of the mistresses of the universe. The admiration for naked female bodies is more than evident in Blood Machines, with shapes that blend beautifully with Seth Ickerman’s futuristic and spacey universe, and a stylish choreography which you will remember. Needless to say, you are going to be amazed!

Note that the movie is on French theaters (CGR cinemas) only for the 1st to the 4th September, planned for the United States in the future. It is available in the US (and its territories), Canada, UK, Australia and Ireland in the streaming service SHUDDER by AMC Networks. In other countries where there is no Shudder, it can be seen on VIMEO (on Demand) right here.

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– Matthew Clewley & Space Master
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