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Carpenter Brut, the enigmatic force of the synthwave scene, emerges from the shadowy corners of electronic music to cast a neon glow on the genre. Franck Hueso, the man behind the moniker, hails from Poitiers, France, and has meticulously crafted a persona that intertwines the pulsating rhythms of darksynth with the aggressive undertones of metal. Since 2012, Carpenter Brut has been at the forefront of a musical movement that reimagines the soundtrack of the 80s horror and action cinema for the modern ear.

Hueso’s journey into the world of music wasn’t conventional; his background as a sound engineer for metal bands laid the foundation for a project that would eventually redefine genre boundaries. Carpenter Brut’s sound is a testament to his ability to blend the worlds of electronic and metal music, creating a sonic landscape that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. The artist’s initial foray into music production, a trilogy of EPs released between 2012 and 2015, set the stage for his rise to prominence. These releases, characterized by their cinematic scope and thematic depth, explore the realms of horror, action, and apocalypse, drawing listeners into a meticulously crafted auditory world.

The project’s live performances are a spectacle of light and sound, with Hueso joined by musicians from the metal scene, blurring the lines between a concert and a cinematic experience. As Carpenter Brut continues to evolve, the anticipation for future works remains high. The artist’s ability to adapt and innovate within the synthwave and darksynth genres promises more electrifying compositions that pay homage to the past while forging a path into the future. For those enchanted by the fusion of synthesizers and metal, Carpenter Brut stands as a beacon in the darksynth scene, inviting listeners into a world where the past and future collide in a maelstrom of sound and fury.

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