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Nick Morey, known artistically as Betamaxx, is at the forefront of the 80s synth revival movement, originating from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Established in mid-2012, Betamaxx made his debut with the « Lost Formats » LP in September of the same year, marking the beginning of a project deeply rooted in the retro sounds of the 1980s.

The moniker Betamaxx draws inspiration from Sony’s Betamax, the iconic but ultimately unsuccessful competitor to VHS during the 80s format wars. Betamaxx’s music is a harmonious blend of nostalgia and innovation, utilizing both vintage and modern synthesizers to craft his sound. Instruments like the Roland Juno-60, Sequential Circuits Prophet-6, and Korg’s M1 workstation are central to his creative process, resulting in a soundscape that echoes the cinematic scores of legends like John Hughes and John Carpenter.​

Betamaxx’s contributions extend beyond his albums, with his music featuring in significant cultural pieces such as the « Kung Fury » soundtrack and the Amazon Prime series « Red Oaks ». His remix of Tangerine Dream’s « Love on a Real Train » from the « Risky Business » soundtrack stands out as a notable achievement in his career. His album « Lost In A Dreamworld », released under Starfield Music, further cements his place in the synthwave genre, offering listeners a journey through a meticulously crafted neo-retro-future soundscape.​

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Telefuture, Starfield Music, Rosso Corsa

United States (Pennsylvania)

Latest Releases

Here are the latest EP and LP of Betamaxx.
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Latest Remix

FM Attack – City Lights (Betamaxx Remix)

LP releases

▸ Sarajevo (2021) ∴ Perfect View Records
▸ Lost In A Dreamworld (2019) ∴ Starfield Music
▸ Archaic Science (2017) ∴ Rosso Corsa
▸ Plug & Play (2015) ∴ Telefuture
▸ Interface (2013) ∴ Self-released
▸ B-Sides (2013) ∴ Self-released
▸ Sophisticated Technology (2013) ∴ Telefuture
▸ Lost Formats (2012) ∴ Self-released

EP release

▸ Only In Movies (2012) ∴ Self-released
▸ Legacy (2012) ∴ Self-released


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