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College aka David Grellier is a French musician born in 1979 at Nantes (French Brittany). He’s a great pillars of Synthwave music of which he’s one of the first, with Kavinsky, who have composed this subgenre of modern electronic sounds based on themes from the 80s.

He started music in 2004 with an Electroclash duo but it was in 2008 with his first album « Secret Diary » followed by the EP « Teenage Color » which he produced under the name of « College ». In 2011, he released his second album « Northern Council », and following his worldwide success, « A Real Hero » in featuring with « Electric Youth », which was into the original soundtrack of the movie DRIVE. In 2013 he released the album « Héritage » with sounds and melodies related to the spirit of the movie of Nicolas Winding Refn. He’s also the artistic director and founder of Valerie Collective (Minitel Rose, Anoraak, The Outrunners…) which is, in priority, a musical blog intended to discover artists sailing in the American culture of the 80s, Retro-futuristic but also romantic. At the beginning he composed with a computer and CAM softwares like « Fruity Loops ». He said he was influenced by John Carpenter, Nicolas Makelberge, Jacques Lu Cont but also by French pioneers like Daft Punk, Alan Braxe, Lifelike, DJ Falcon and many others. His graphic designers are German, named « The Zonders » and they designed all his covers and visuals of his Live performances. College has just released an album called « Old Tapes » last year in December, it contains some demos dating back a few years and others, much more recent. For March 2017, a new release is planned on the English label named « Invada Records ». Stay tuned!

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