Final DJs springs back into the synthwave limelight with a brand new release called “Interstellar” for the new compilation album “Somewhere Out There » by Wave Runner Records.

Delightful Good Feel Vibe

Interstellar is a well orchestrated instrumental which has that delightful good feel vibe which you would hear from Daft Punk’s Discovery album. The additional of the vocal melodies breaks the song up nicely maintaining the sheer funk fest it is. If the songs live up to this standard on the compilation it’s going to be a very good record. Final DJs has released a chilled out tune with a swift kick that will please fans of the synthwave genre.

Note that the compilation « Somewhere Out There » is now available on Bandcamp with new tracks from KN1GHT, SelloRekt / LA Dreams, Future Holotape and other fantastic artists.

– Matthew Clewley
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