• STYLE /Futursynth, Darksynth
  • RELEASE DATE /April 17, 2020
  • LABEL /No Quarter
  • GUESTS /Pencey Sloe
  • DESIGNERS /Seth Ickerman
  • FORMAT /Digital, Vinyle (soon)

RSW rating ➔

¦ 8/10 ¦
Fantastic OST

Our Few Words

We have waited a mighty long time to finally get our grips on Carpenter Brut’s soundtrack to Blood Machines.

Following on from Leather Teeth, Carpenter Brut has gigged extensively with his band bringing in even more fans that are from the metal community. Blood Machines is a film by Seth Ickerman that originated from a Kickstarter campaign which, as you may have guessed, has been successfully funded. It’s the sequel to the amazing music video for Carpenter Brut’s heavy anthem Turbo Killer. With a tried and tested partnership we will finally embrace what Blood Machines is all about through no other than Carpenter Brut.

The soundtrack kicks off with eerie fashion with the intro and the Blood Machines theme delivering its swift kick and amazing use of orchestral and operatic influence. Attack Of The Amazons follows from this influence and whilst steadying the pace to drift into The Ceremony. Mina is an intense interlude which flows into Souls Wreck that which gradually becomes a powerful and menacing song. Another short song is Touchdown which screams heavy NIN industrial influence. Heart Ship is a terrifyingly good take on dark ambience leaving you clinging onto your seat.

The Last Ceremony drags the eerie atmosphere further with its insanely 80s horror flick vibes. Blood Kisses The Swift stretches out from a creepy, gothic atmosphere and begins to fire up the tempo with such an amazing affect. Lago’s Sleep is another short song which slows the tempo down and focuses on the unsettling sound the soundtrack has created. Grand Final is a 6:45 absolute epic that might be one of Carpenter Brut’s finest songs to date; it’s a ferociously versatile song that really ramps up the heat. To finish the soundtrack is the song called Gone Now featuring the vocal talents of Pencey Sloe is a brilliant way to finish the soundtrack.

Blood Machines truly benefits from having the mastermind of Carptener Brut making the music. It is an adventure fuelled by dark ambience to send shivers down the spines of those who listen to it. Whilst this may not be Carpenter Brut’s finest record it is definitely up there with some of the best sci fi soundtracks in recent times. With more exposure for Blood Machines to come onto Shudder on 21st May the film looks eye wateringly sensational and what a way to promote by showcasing the endless talents of Carpenter Brut.

– Matthew Clewley
Layout by Space Master

Gold quote

« The varying themes from the film are communicated perfectly through this score, and add a layer of brilliantly dark and moody complexity to the producers usual style. »

– NewRetroWave