Synthspiria starts its own digital label on Bandcamp with a fantastic new compilation named « Memories of Giallo » and here is an exclusive track from Alpha 88 before the release date scheduled for October 23rd.

First of all, what’s ‘Synthspiria‘? It’s one of the first French website about ‘Synthwave’ and ‘Vaporwave’ musical genre, with numerous articles, reviews and interviews but also with everything related to the culture of the 80’s (movies, series and video games). Some artists as well as fans of this musical movement continually provide content to make the site unavoidable in this universe. After many projects and collaborations, it’s quite naturally that ‘Synthspiria’ wanted to pass to the upper level by creating its own digital label on Bandcamp. The primary goal is to release a lot of compilations, under Synthwave musical style, with particularly retro themes and carefully selected international artists.

Thus, the compilation project called ‘Memories of Giallo’ was born with the daring theme of ‘Giallo’, a kind of low-budget Italian film, on the border of police cinema with some horror and eroticism. The release is scheduled for October 23rd with ‘name your price’ mode on Bandcamp and will inevitably be a must for ‘Synthwave’ lovers and horror film addicts of the years 70-80. With 10 exclusive tracks from composers coming from all over the world, we decided to make you discover, in exclusivity on RSW, a special track called ‘Promise Violate’ by the Italian musician Fabio Lorusso aka ‘Alpha 88’. An extremely well-composed musical escape, featuring quality and beautiful sounds of the Synthwave world, filled with melancholy and paying tribute to the ‘Giallo’ universe in the best possible way. While awaiting the 23rd to fully enjoy this sex and blood album, here is the musical jewel of ‘Alpha 88’ that you can listen below:

Watch the video trailer of 'Memories of Giallo':

Compilation Tracklist:

01. Electric Dragon – Phantom
02. Leslie Nayoko – No One Left
03. ABOBO – Lilith
04. Fixions – Threnody
05. Dakarius – Notte Di Violenza
06. Hypercan – Addolorata
07. G-Dog (feat. Vincenzo Salvia) – Veterinight
08. Alpha 88 – Promesse Violate
09. Cristian Bergagna – Annegati Nel Timore
10. ABOBO – Lilith’s Ghost (Bonus Track)

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