This time, we decided to present an exceptional artist from Paris who has an incredible creativity to make the listener back to the best of the 80’s. You’ll therefore have exclusive information about the musician who hides himself under the name of FEARCITY, enjoy the read !

FEARCITY grew up with his 5 siblings in a musical environment as their father was a drummer in a ‘Jazz Rock’ band. Raised in the cradle of ‘Billy Idol’, ‘Prince’, ‘Michael Jackson’, ‘Shalamar’, ‘Chic’ or even ‘Madonna’ to name but a few… He spends a lot of time listening to a lot of vinyl records of his father and his uncles who were in love with ‘Funk’, ‘Rock’ and ‘Heavy Metal’. A universe loaded with many references, a battery, vinyls throughout the family apartment, comic books, VHS in all sorts stacked against walls with Paisley wallpapers, accompanied by movie posters.

The culmination of a musical descent

It’s at the age of 10 that he accompanies, with his brothers, his father in the rehearsals studios of the capital! So a naturally passion was born for musical instruments like electric guitar, saxophone and drums. For his musical compositions, FEARCITY is inspired by a multitude of cinematographic references such as ‘Jack Burton’, ‘Back to the Future’, ‘Moonwalker’, ‘Howard The Duck’, ‘Colors’, ‘Ferris Bueller’, ‘Karate tiger’ or ‘Mad Max’.

In love with Machines and 80s Cinema

He also loves some films and French actors like ‘Gérard Depardieu’, ‘Les inconnus’, ‘Bernard Giraudeau’, ‘Jean-Pierre Marielle’, ‘Le Splendide’ and ‘Gérard Lanvin’ with this Mic Mac of references in his head, it didn’t take long to give to FEARCITY to create music because for him, the limit between the listener and the creator was not complicated to cross. It’s in the 2000s that FEARCITY has taken possession of machines such as the ‘Yamaha DX7’ or the ’KORG M1’ among other synthesizers of ‘KORG’ because he’s particularly fond of the ‘KORG’ sound.

A first album on the road

Concerning the rhythms of his tracks, they’re orchestrated by a cult electronic machine, the ‘Ensoniq EPS 16+’, active for several years. FEARCITY has decided to release his first album entitled ‘Full Contact’ on the french label named ‘Marvel Records’ that has been in the ‘Hip Hop’ community for several years. The LP is planned in cd & vinyl. Several artists on the stage of ‘Future Funk’ & ‘Synthwave’ music will intervene on this disc, French, American and English artists. The musician tries to create a very funky music under the influence of 80s cinema, and we can say that it’s very successful!.

Check by yourself to his Soundcloud account here, you’ll not be disappointed.

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