This is we have all been eager for to be very true and that the one and only Kavinsky has just released a brand new song called Renegades. The Godfather of Synthwave has caught us all by surprise with Renegades with Cautious Clay on the vocals. It’s also produced by Gaspard Augé, a member of JUSTICE and Victor Le Masne from Housse de Racket. Its the first song and video to be released in 8 years and we look to see how we’ll it holds out.

Renegade, a Tremendous fresh Track

The song is released on Record Makers (founded by Air) and, as we expected, it is a slow paced funky groove that is everything we have wanted from a new Kavinsky song. Vocally, the auto tune goes hand in hand with the music from Kavinsky. You can almost feel the Woman (by JUSTICE) album vibes in the chorus, and the sound of Victor Le Masne who worked on Escapade (LP from Gaspard Augé) . Renegade keeps within theme but it’s a tremendous fresh track that combines Funk driven bass and soothing vocals into a fist pumping bop.

A Music Video, so enjoyable to Watch

The video was directed by the renowned Alexandre Courtès who worked for Daft Punk (as a graphic designer) and (as a director) for the music video of Jamiroquai, Franz Ferdinand, U2, The White Stripes, Kylie Minogue and many other famous bands. This video, even if it’s sadly short, is hilarious and the production of it is purely world class. Kavinsky being punched through a skyscraper and smashing through the building walls is surprisingly enjoyable to watch. The video and song Renegade give us a glimpse of beat busting anthems on what is next to come from the almighty Kavinsky.

  • Director: Alexandre Courtès
  • Production: Soixan7e Quin5e
  • Producer: Emmanuel Guiraud
  • DOP: Simon Chaudoir
  • Production Manager: Amine Ketem
  • Exec. Production: Family
  • Post Producer 75: Anne Ségrettin
  • Editor: Quentin Kwiatkowski
  • Colorist: Arthur Paux
  • Post Production: Machine Molle
  • Flame artist: Jonathan Lagache
  • Nuke: Théophile Virnot
  • Logo Animation: Nathan Collet
  • Mix & sound design: Kouz

Artworks by Micmacmut & Alex Garner

– Matthew Clewley
Layout by Space Master
Graphic Layout by Dixel Art

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