The French Synthwave duo Blazergrad have released a music video with a ton of 80’s movie references for their track Kremlins, released on Police Records.

First of all, a Great Track!

Police Records, a French Label from Fred Gien, presents Kremlins a great song that does a fantastic job in building up the pace and going for the jugular once the music kicks in. It’s a very good instrumental synthwave track with sounds inspired by Das Mortal and legends like Vangelis and Lifelike. With sounds straight from the 80s, a totally memorable main melody and a huge cinematic soundscape. Listening to this song, we can imagine scenes from action movies & video games, so they did!

Amazing Cinematographic References

The music video itself it’s something that we may have all seen before with snippets of popular movies that have inspired Blazergrad as a band. It smoothly rolls through whilst the music is in the background. You do briefly see the members of Blazergrad too (on the concert stage with sublime lighting). The video has effects on it which look like you’re watching a VHS tape on a VCR. Then you can watch mythical scenes from SF movies from the 60’s to nowadays like The Terminator, Aliens, Tron, Gremlins, Blade Runner 2049, Drive, Flight of the Navigator and many others that influenced the duo (with a little nod to Russian cinema).

A Perfect Match

The music video is really awesome as the music goes extremely well with the compilation of movie snippets. Kremlins kicks absolute ass and it’s a journey in itself as an instrumental. Note that the video was edited by Yann, one of the two members of Blazergrad.

– Matthew Clewley & Space Master
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