A new video has been released from the <re>set project with a song called Deadly Moon that is collaboration between musicians Christine and Zadig. These are a series of videos which explores music being created in an environment that is not directly aimed at the public where music isn’t accessible. It’s a unique project which will continue to explore numerous themes as it continues to run throughout.

A Soundtrack for a Horror themed Movie or Game

The song itself is a brilliantly composed song that is a vicious and enjoyable groove you can imagine being in a soundtrack for a horror themed movie or game. It goes at a slow pace which adds more of a dark atmosphere to it. The video, which was filmed at Oscar Niemeyer library, does provide a theme of colour which is what you wouldn’t expect considered how the song sounds. It does work though and there is an element of solitude in some of the shots besides from the musician shots which does tick the project brief. It wont immediately click unless you do some background reading on the <re>set project.

A very Ambitious Collaboration

Deadly Moon is expertly sampled, composed and produced and is a very ambitious collaboration which justifies the intrigue. Intrigue is the most attractive part of the video and whilst the video is understandable, there does need to be a deep dive into the project before truly understanding it. The direction is good on the video and it is visually pleasing.

– Matthew Clewley
Layout by Space Master

▫️ Video produced by Heavy Club
▫️ Video directed by Fred Margueron
▫️ Video shot and edited by Arthur Delamotte & Simon Freger
▫️ Music mixed and mastered by Nicolas Lerille at Mouton Noir Records

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