Here is our last article of 2017 and we decided to make you a summary of the best tracks, according to us, of this beautiful year that was very rich in music. Before our next mixtape, here is some magic in the audio players below.

After a lot of listening from the first of January to the 31st of December, we decided to share our selection of 20 fantastic tracks that had particularly interested us this year. A very difficult choice because we could have put more than a hundred titles but we decided to focus on the best of the best. From then, you’ll be able to listen to Lazerhawk, Anoraak, Timecop1983, Trevor Something, ORAX, Betamaxx and many other talented artists. We planned to select some Perturbator and Mega Drive tracks but for layout problems, we could not put the players. Wishing you a wonderful year 2018 with a lot of happiness and especially lots of synthwave music.

Lazerhawk - Feel The Rush Tonight (feat. GUNSHIP)

FEEL THE RUSH TONIGHT is a track of the American musician LAZERHAWK featuring the english band GUNSHIP, from the album named DREAMRIDER released in January 2017. Just a beautiful Synthpop track with a huge influence of New Wave from the 80s for a huge song which sums up the year 2017.

Anoraak - Skyline

SKYLINE is a track of the French musician ANORAAK, coming from the EP named BLACK GOLD SUN released in June 2017. Very good Chillwave with the colors of Miami that we would see thoroughly in the car of our two favorite cops.

Timecop1983 - Lovers (Ft. SEAWAVES) [The New Division Remix]

LOVERS is a track from the Dutch musician TIMECOPE1983 featuring SEAWAVES, coming from the EP named LOVERS released in June 2017. A completely memorable main melody with a perfect singing for an atmosphere that makes us dream. Synthpop and Dreamwave for the best of our ears!

Oliver - Space & Sound

SPACE & SOUND is a track of the American musicians OLIVER, coming from the album named FULL CIRCLE released in August 2017. Typical sounds from the 80s, a robotic voice reminiscent of the best of Daft Punk and a furious rhythm. A completely indispensable jewel!

Scandroid - The Force Theme

THE FORCE THEME is a track of the American musician SCANDROID, coming from the album named MONOCHROME released in November 2017. What better way to listen to the theme of Star Wars after a very successful « The Last Jedi » with a Synthwave version that shining by its Excellency.

Com Truise - Propagation

PROPAGATION is a track of the American musician COM TRUISE, coming from the album named ITERATION released in June 2017. There’s some sounds of synthesizer still wonderful and powerful rhythms always catchy, Seth returned in 2017 and not for nothing!

Maud Geffray - In Your Eyes Feat. Flavien Berger

IN YOUR EYES is a track of the French musician MAUD GEFFRAY featuring FLAVIEN BERGER, from the album named POLAAR released in May 2017. Simply fantastic and captivating vocals with melodies filled with magic and fineness. Unbelievable!

Das Mörtal - Midnight Rendez-Vous (feat. French Fox)

MIDNIGHT RENDEZ-VOUS is a track of the Chilien musician DAS MÖRTAL featuring FRENCH FOX, coming from the album named ALWAYS LOVED released in June 2017. A pure wonder Synthwave song with a very powerful dominant vocal and typical synth sounds from the 80s.

Sunglasses Kid - Bitter Reaction

BITTER REACTION is a track of the English musician SUNGLASSES KID, from the album named GRADUATION released in February 2017. We close our eyes and we can project us directly into the best action scenes of the 80s movies. A very good back in time!

ST∆RC∆DI∆N - Interspace

INTERSPACE is a track of the American musician STΔRCΔDIΔN, coming from the album named MIDNIGHT SIGNALS released in November 2017. A pure retro-futurist track of high quality as we love, with a vocoded voice adding a charm undeniable, we want more!

Trevor Something - Isolated

ISOLATED is a track of the American musician TREVOR SOMETHING. An electronic music jewel totally timeless and extremely well paced with a voice still as striking in its softness and sensuality. A big crush for the year 2017!

Sferro - Dress To The Nines (feat. Highway Superstar)

DRESS TO THE NINES is a track of the American musician SFERRO featuring HIGHWAY SUPERSTAR for the album named ALL THINGS CONVERGE released in June 2017. A track that exudes good humor with lively melodies and a happy and festive spirit all right landed 80s. We love it!

SilverHawk - HeartBeat

HEARTBEAT is a track of the French musician SILVERHAWK for the album named PALM GREASE released in May 2017. The pure reincarnation of Miami Nights 1984 in French version has delivered a track extremely well paced with very good melodies. We want more!

ALEX - Akuma Ft Rachel Mcalpine

AKUMA is a track of the English musician ALEX featuring RACHEL MCALPINE for the album named AKUMA released in June 2017. A Darkwave jewel that marries perfectly with the wonderful voice of a talented singer for an exceptional composer. Thank you!

ORAX - A New Day

A NEW DAY is a track of the Italian musician ORAX for the album named DEEPER released in November 2017. The New Wave which made us vibrate during the 80s came back with this huge Synthwave track recalling the best of U2 and Depeche Mode.

Betamaxx - Party Favors (feat. Mike McG)

PARTY FAVORS is a track of the American musician BETAMAXX featuring MIKE MCG for the album named ARCHAIC SCIENCE released in November 2017. The musician who participated in the soundtrack of the legendary Kung Fury returned with the label of MN84 for a fantastic album and this huge track.

3615 Nuits Blanches - Sexophonia

SEXOPHONIA is a track of the French musicians 3615 NUITS BLANCHES for the album named ABOUT LAST NIGHT released in March 2017. The talented musician DOUZE came back with the captivating voice of Antonine and a fantastic album. Here is a very sunny song that impressed us with its efficiency.

FearCity - Uncle Charlie

UNCLE CHARLIE is a track of the French musician FEARCITY released in October 2017. After a short listen we can close our eyes and we are directly projected to the 80s, a return to the past tense with retro sounds managed with perfection. A great talent! Can’t wait fot the album in 2018.

Waveshaper - The Sphere

THE SPHERE is a track of the Swedish musician WAVESHAPER for the album named VELOCITY released in June 2017. The mastery is there, to project us in a retrofuturistic world with typical synth sounds and a genious that would have nothing to envy of our dear Kavinsky.

Undervatten - Motherland

MOTHERLAND is a track of the Swedish musician UNDERVATTEN for the EP named POLITICS released in October 2017. From the first notes we are projected into a magical and nostalgic world. A beautiful track with a memorable main melody. We want more!

Retro Synwhave wish you a HAPPY new year.
Don’t forget to dance and have fun!

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