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First and foremost, Scandroid is the musical project of Klayton, a multi-instrumentalist musician and singer hailing from New York City. He is perhaps best known for his other musical project, ‘Celldweller,’ which encompasses Electronic Rock and Drum & Bass. Following the global success of his self-titled album, which achieved high rankings on iTunes Electronic Album charts in various countries and reached #5 on the Billboard Electronic Album chart, the American label FiXT made the decision to release a reimagined version of ‘Scandroid.’ This revisited edition features collaborations with Synthwave pioneers such as ‘Dance With The Dead,’ ‘GosT,’ ‘Vanity Set,’ ‘Maks_SF,’ ‘PYLOT,’ and more. The result is a fresh perspective on the album titled ‘Dreams of Neo-Tokyo,’ immersing listeners even deeper into the cyberpunk universe created by the artist.

Klayton emphasizes that « every vocal track from the Debut Scandroid album has been re-imagined, » and with the addition of a diverse collection of remixes, listeners will feel like they are experiencing an entirely new album. This new version delivers exceptional electronic music inspired by the best of 80s Sci-Fi. It’s worth noting that the visual aspect of the project, consistently handled by Ninja Jo, is nothing short of fantastic, drawing inspiration from iconic films like ‘Tron,’ ‘Blade Runner,’ and ‘Ghost in the Shell.’

The ‘Dreams of Neo-Tokyo’ edition offers not only a remarkable LP but also an array of collectibles, including CDs, vinyl records, cassettes, posters, T-shirts, and more. In conclusion, this project is a resounding success, particularly appealing to enthusiasts of 80s Sci-Fi. It provides a fresh and immersive experience for those who appreciate the genre.

Gold quote

It’s obvious within the first few minutes of Scandroid’s eponymous debut to realize that this album is from a higher league.

– NewRetroWave