• STYLE /Darksynth / Dreamwave
  • RELEASE DATE /May 18, 2017
  • CATALOG /...
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD / Vinyl

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¦ 9/10 ¦
Fanstastic Album

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Our Few Words

After a few LP releases on different labels like ‘Future City Records’ and’ Subterra Records’, the American musician from Dallas chose the prestigious ‘Lakeshore Records’ to unveil his latest jewel ‘Seas of Infinity ‘, four years after ‘198XAD’. A quality album that has seduced a record company which has the habit of selecting movie and series soundtracks like ‘Drive’, ‘Logan’ or ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Legion’ or ‘Mr Robot’ (and many others). But also the best from Synthwave universe with recently the release of the concept album ‘Shangai’ of the french artist ‘College’ and also the first EP of the documentary ‘The Rise of the Synths’ of which Mega Drive composed an exclusive track named ‘Stargate’. From the very first listen of ‘Seas of Infinity’ we can clearly feel a careful and thoughtful work, both in fantastic melodies and captivating as in effective rhythms. The atmosphere is dark, dressed with retro-futuristic touch from 80s with modern electronic sounds. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes joyful and festive, basically the emotion is there! Nostalgia invades us during soothing moments, projecting us into a peculiar atmosphere linked to horror films of ‘John Carpenter’ or ‘Stephen King’. However, a lot of energy arises when the beats get upset, reminding us the best of ‘Modeselektor’ with their destructive bass, and a certain subtlety from ‘Justice’ or ‘Boys Noize’ with an electronic mind coming out from the laboratory of ‘Daft Punk’ (‘Human After All’ period) and ‘Mr Oizo’. Some tracks are astounding by their beauty, literally embarking in another world just as ‘Vangelis’ or ‘Jean Michel Jarre’ during the best time of their careers. 11 high quality tracks with rich compositions that will bend the space-time to bring your mind into another dimension filled with cinematographic and video-playful references. Note that the album’s excellent cover was created by the talented ‘John Bergin’, artistic director of ‘Lakeshore Records’. Congrats, this album is awesome!

Gold quote

Gear up, and prepare your ears for some ruthless synth and beats.

– NewRetroWave