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‘3615 Nuits Blanches’ is an incredibly promising French duo in the Retro Synthwave genre. The group consists of Antonine, a singer known for collaborations with ‘Pacific Shore,’ and Arnault, also known as DOUZE, a musician renowned for working with legends like Alan Braxe, Lifelike, and Kris Menace. Their partnership, formed in 2015, resulted in their debut album ‘About Last Night,’ which stands as a masterpiece in the Retro Synthwave realm.

It’s worth noting that the album’s title, ‘About Last Night,’ holds a significant meaning. According to the singer, all the tracks on the album were created between midnight and 6 am, reflecting their nights of writing and recording. Arnault’s mesmerizing and otherworldly melodies, crafted using synthesizers, drum machines, and guitar, evoke the essence of the best sounds from the 1980s while incorporating a modern touch. These elements blend seamlessly with Antonine’s sensual and melancholic voice, which can be likened to the iconic Kate Bush, leaving an indelible mark on an entire generation.

The album offers a grand sonic escape, alternating between moments of glamour and introspection. It serves as a compelling invitation to disconnect from the world and embark on a journey aboard the starship of ‘3615 Nuits Blanches’ during a night of insomnia. However, the only drawback is that the album feels too short, leaving listeners longing for more. It’s a remarkable album and a personal favorite for many.

Gold quote

About Last Night’ is more than just music. When sensuality borders on melancholia, the groove is always there, heart-throbbing.

– Kaltblut