Our Few Words

‘3615 Nuits Blanches’ is a very promising French duo on the planet Retro Synthwave. Composed of Antonine, the singer who collaborated with ‘Pacific Shore’ and Arnault aka DOUZE, the musician known for his many collaborations with legends such as Alan Braxe, Lifelike or Kris Menace. Outcome of their association in 2015, their first album ‘About Last Night’ remains a pure masterpiece for our ears. It’s important to clarify that the title of the album has a real meaning here, indeed according to the singer all the tracks were created between midnight and 6 am. Which is the result of their nights of writing and recording. Arnault’s mesmerizing and supernatural melodies, whose sounds of Synthesizers/DrumMachine/Guitar are necessarily reminiscent of the best of the 80’s with a nice touch of modernity. All of this, blend perfectly with Antonine’s sensual and melancholy voice that could be compared to the ultimate Kate Bush, that marked a whole generation. A huge sound evasion between sequins and tears, being an undeniable pretext to disconnect from everything and travel into the starship of ‘3615 Nuits Blanches’ during a good night of insomnia. However, we can affirm that there is a defect, it’s too short for our ears, we ask for more and more! A great album, our favorite.

Gold quote

About Last Night’ is more than just music. When sensuality borders on melancholia, the groove is always there, heart-throbbing.

– Kaltblut