• STYLE /Electroclash, Synthpop, Future Funk
  • RELEASE DATE /August 25, 2017
  • CATALOG /none
  • LABEL /Universal Music Division Polydor
  • FORMAT /Digital, CD, Vinyl

RSW rating ➔

¦ 10/10 ¦
A Master Piece

Our Few Words

OLIVER are two composers of electronic music from Canada and California. Our first listening of their work was during a DJ set of Busy P (Ed Banger Records) 5 years ago and we admit that, as expert of Daft Punk (our site here) we really thought it was a track of the two french robots. No, it was the incredible ‘Memories Of The Future’. From there, OLIVER never left our ears and our minds. We prefer to make things clear, the album is not purely SYNTHWAVE, but its sound atmosphere is very attached to the 80s, which deserves to reach Synthlovers that we are. We can speak about an intelligent album. Why ? Not only because it’s extremely well produced but also because, by its diversity, it will reach an enormous numbers of people and generations. Indeed, there is a great sound contrast because we can recognize some styles like Synthwave, Synthpop, Futur Funk but also French House and even Hip Hop. With tracks such as ‘Portrait’ (intro), ‘One’ (break) and ‘Full Circle’ (outro) the artists prove that they’re very good composers with melodies that we can imagine coming from a fantastic scene of a good Spielberg’s movie. As previously said, Synthpop style is there with prestigious tracks such as ‘Ottomatic’, ‘Falling Back’ and ‘Electrify’, combining mesmerizing vocals managed by MNDR and Scott Mellis with modern music inspired by the 80s. Some Future Funk tracks are there too with ‘Love Like This’, ‘Go With It’, ‘At Night’ and ‘Heterotopia’ enriched by the voice of Leon Else, the undisputed stars Chromeo and the charismatic singer Yelle. There is even some Hip Hop music with the legends named De La Soul for a beautiful New York escape with a talkbox. The French House is also on this album with ‘Last Forever’ in collaboration with Sam Sparro for Disco assumed sounds and a very effective bassline, making a direct competition with the best years of Daft Punk, Fred Falke or Cassius. ‘Wehrever We Are’ is definitely a wink of Danger’s first LP with powerful bass and a cinematic atmosphere. There’s some cheap Electro, meant for trendy clubs, with ‘Chemicals’ and its fashionable feminine voice. Let’s go to our favorite, the fantastic ‘Space & Sound’! A pure UFO sound made by geniuses from another planet. An unparalleled signal with masterful robotic voices and totally captivating melodies. This 15-tracks collection is a pure masterpiece and we assume the note for its exceptional quality and its sonic diversification combining modernity and 80s nostalgia.

Gold quote

The 15-track collection evokes the glamour, attitude and timelessness of music from ’70s & ’80s but with a forward-thinking modernity.

– YourEDM