Our Few Words

After his album ‘In Decay’ released in 2012 and his EP ‘Silicon Tare’ appeared in 2016, Com Truise returns in strength with his latest album named ‘Iteration’. The very mathematical title directly refers to the repetitiveness of the so-called ‘electronic music’. As tradition obliges, the musician from Los Angeles, doesn’t have any collaborations, even for the design of the cover (which he created himself, having an artistic director experience). He has kept his own sound imprint in this album, which characterizes him among hundreds of Synthwave groups. This ‘mid-fi synth-wave’ or ‘slow-motion funk’ that he invented, is here more than ever. Seth Haley still delivers exceptional futuristic sounds influenced by the best of science fiction from yesterday and today, enriched by strolls to 80s synthesizers, all of this accompanied by percussive rhythmics (in slow motion) and heavy Bass which have nothing to envy to the best Hip Hop producers. The artist tells us a wonderfull story all along these 12 tracks, a digital journey filled with cutting-edge technology from another world. The work around the composition is sumptuous with a multitude of sounds, both on some highly sought-after melodies delivering a giant sound atmosphere (making think about great fantastic movies) as well as on intelligent breaks. ‘Iteration’ is a subtle, personal and dark album, which exudes a growing admiration as more listening goes. We waited a long time for this LP and it was worth it! Thank you.

Gold quote

Loyal to his retro futuristic mid-fi synthy sound, the spoonerism instigator is releasing his first full-length after six years. Galactic Melt earned Com Truise a very loyal following back in 2011, especially on the Internet. Although the two works aren’t too different from one another, Iteration feels much more vivid and catchy, like the soundtrack for a cult sci-fi movie.

– The monitors