• STYLE /Darksynth, Dreamwave
  • RELEASE DATE /September 05, 2017
  • CATALOG /none
  • LABEL /Blood Music
  • FORMAT /Digital, CD, Vinyl

RSW rating ➔

¦ 09/10 ¦
Fanstastic EP

LP tracklist

Our Few Words

After a bonus of the LP named ‘The Uncanny Valley’ released in May 2016, the French musican James Kent aka Perturbator made his big comeback with an ultra powerful EP, the big ‘New Model’, always on Blood Music Label. The first track immediately sets a cinematic atmosphere with synths that come from ‘Blade Runner’, bewitching and very dark as usual, but with a descent in low frequency that could be compared to Junkie XL and ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’. Yes the level is there! The first track ‘Birth of the New Model’ begins with mysterious sounds with hypnotic melodies and some TRAP music influences, to come quickly to the dark side of Synthwave. With ‘Tactical Precision Disarray’ you can easily imagine yourself playing to ‘Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon’ alongside Power Glove (musicians) or the Major of ‘Ghost in the Shell’. A track with a gigantic sound dimension, very dark, leaving our imagination overflowing with a thousand lights, lazers and cyborgs. The third track ‘Vantablack’ arrives with a bewitching vocal (James?), influenced by the evil master Marylin Manson with impressive percussions and terrifying melodies. Cybernetic Satan is not far! ‘Tainted Empire’ landed like a very nervous and horrifying track, as much as a good piece of Death or Black Metal, then it calm down gradually under Vangelis melodies, and resume with an enormous energy. This is our favorite because it’s an extremely varied track with great wealth. We imagine it in LIVE, maximum efficiency! ‘Corrupted by Design’ could make the masters of Dark Techno like Gesaffelstein or The Hacker very pale of jealousy! A very efficient Darksynth, Electro and Techno music with a film atmosphere taken from the universe of John Carpenter or Ridley Scott (Alien). A beautiful sound evasion that proves that James is an excellent melodist, especially with a very pleasant Dreamwave escape in the middle. ‘God Complex’, more than 9 minutes, what else? A glacial beauty, dark at will and enriched by varied and very intelligent sounds placed. When could we have an original soundtrack composed by Perturbator? Be carefull, the film must be a good. We just pray that it will not be in a sequel of Netflix ‘Death Note’ version but rather in the next movie of Alexandre AJA (Cobra, please!). All of that to say that it’s an EP of a high quality, a level that will be hard to equal!

Gold quote

While it might sound like the plot to a Terminator-esque movie, Perturbator admits it’s an « interesting concept » and allowed him to create a dystopian, bleak and lonely world throughout New Model.

– Teamrock