Our Few Words

After ‘Plug & Play’ released in 2015 and a noticed appearance in the legendary short film ‘Kung Fury’, the American musician from Pittsburgh, Betamaxx aka Nick Morey, returns with a new LP on a very famous label in Synthwave world, Rosso Corsa Records. Indeed, Miami Night 1984 & Lazerhawk managed to find the artist with this exepected ‘Archaic Science’, an obvious collaboration. A rich LP with a lot of 80s sounds, wonderful melodies of synths and guitars from Synthwave universe. Enriched with some sexy and mesmerizing female vocals with ‘Hayley Stewart’ and ‘Rat Rios’ for ultra-effective ‘Something Else’ and ‘Heart Strings’ songs that celebrate the Synthpop style. Rhythms and harmonies worthy of the best 80s action movies with ‘Virtual Fantasies’ or ‘Causeway’. Transitions as catchy as dynamic with ‘Midnight Prospect’ or ‘Party Favors’ in featuring with ‘Mike Mcg’, definitly our favorite track. We know the influence of the composer for ‘Joe Satriani’, especially with ‘Black Pantera’ and an extremely well-mastered guitar scores that completely fit the story of this album. Sometimes, the energy gives way to sweetness and nostalgia as with ‘Dream Sequence’ and the fantastic last track of the album named ‘Boulevard’. Not to mention ‘Digital Dash’ that we can imagine sticking with an action scene of the future ‘Kung Fury 2’. Again, a great album composed with a wide variety of instruments, some electronic music well mastered. Perfect for a long night on the road in a powerful sports car in high speed. Note that the cover was created by Jarred Hageman aka ‘Chrome and Lightning’. Rosso Corsa & Betamaxx, a sure value!

Gold quote

In a time when we hear so much about what certain actors in the synthwave scene are doing wrong, both Betamaxx and Rosso Corsa remain gleaming beacons of excellence.

– Play Maker Media