• STYLE /Darksynth, Chillwave
  • RELEASE DATE /February 22, 2018
  • LABEL /No Quarter
  • FORMAT /CD / Digital

RSW rating ➔

¦ 10/10 ¦

LP tracklist

Our Few Words

Carpenter Brut, the renowned Synthwave artist, has made a surprise return with his latest album, « Leather Teeth. » This LP, consisting of 8 tracks and spanning 32 minutes, arrives without the usual extensive promotional campaign, letting the music speak for itself. The album features a striking cover created by the talented graphic designers Førtifem, resembling a poster for a fictional movie.

« Leather Teeth » kicks off with the eponymous track, delivering a punchy and efficient cyberpunk sound reminiscent of The Prodigy or Justice but infused with a retro atmosphere. « Cheerleader Effect » reintroduces pure Synthwave with the powerful vocals of rocker Kristoffer Rygg, complemented by Supertramp-like keyboards, creating a unique fusion. « Sunday Lunch » transports listeners to a Chillwave realm with captivating synthesizers and guitar solos reminiscent of the legendary Joe Satriani. « Monday Hunt » follows with an energetic and retro-futuristic vibe, featuring memorable melodies that take you on a journey. The Electro-Disco track « Inferno Galore » arrives with a compelling melody and dancefloor-ready rhythms. « Beware the Beast » captivates with its energy and evokes the spirit of Billy Idol, combining a catchy rhythm and memorable melodies. « Hairspray Hurricane » feels like it could be the backdrop for a Seth Ickerman-produced video clip with its infectious energy. Finally, « End Title » closes the album with sublime Synthwave sounds, leaving a lasting impression. In summary, « Leather Teeth » may be a concise album, but it offers a rich and diverse experience with a bold embrace of the 80s atmosphere. Carpenter Brut has once again delivered a remarkable success in the Synthwave genre.

Gold quote

Thirty two minutes of metal-inspired, dark synthwave fury. Fuck yes!

– MetalSucks