• STYLE /Darksynth, Chillwave
  • RELEASE DATE /February 22, 2018
  • LABEL /No Quarter
  • FORMAT /CD / Digital

RSW rating ➔

¦ 10/10 ¦

LP tracklist

Our Few Words

Since his « Trilogy » LP gathering 3 EPs, his amazing video from Seth Ickerman for « Turbo Killer », a track for the video game FURI and another for the documentary (in progress) « Rise of the Synths » and his LIVE album, Franck aka Carpenter Brut comes back without any real promotional campaign. So the new album of the Prophet called « Leather Teeth » is here, available everywhere, and it’s a real bomb. This short LP (only 8 tracks, 32 minutes) comes with a fantastic cover created by the gifted graphic designers « Førtifem », what looks like a poster of a fictional movie.. The album starts with the track of the same name with rare efficiency and punch that reminds us of the best cyberpunks « The Prodigy » or the French guys « Justice » but with a completely retro atmosphere. With « Cheerleader Effect », the pure Synthwave is back with the effective voice of the rocker « Kristoffer Rygg », enriched by the keyboards of « Supertramp » (like Daft Punk in 2001). After, we have « Sunday Lunch » that we can imaging coming from Kung Fury’s next soundtrack alongside tracks by Mitch Murder. Some pure Chillwave with nice synthesizer sounds and guitar solos that would honor the master Joe Satriani. « Monday Hunt » starts with a disconcerting energy and transports us to retrospace with effectively. A track that makes traveling far, so far, especially with memorable melodies. The Electro-Disco « Inferno Galore » is coming with a great melody and rhythms that seems to be predestined for the dancefloor. True projection in the past with the very effective « Beware the Beast » with a huge vocal performance that reminds us the legendary Billy Idol… just that! Given the energy of its rhythm and the effectiveness of its catchy melodies, we would see « Hairspray Hurricane » in the background of a video clip produced by the genious Seth Ickerman. Go ahead, please! And to finish properly, the sublime track named « End Title » makes its appearance with magnificient Synthwave sounds. So, to summarize, « Leather Teeth » is a short album, ok, but it’s very rich and varied with an assumed 80s atmosphere. A real success!

Gold quote

Thirty two minutes of metal-inspired, dark synthwave fury. Fuck yes!

– MetalSucks