• STYLE /Dreamwave, Chillwave
  • RELEASE DATE /October 27, 2017
  • LABEL /L.O.V.E. Ltd
  • FORMAT /Digital

RSW rating ➔

¦ 08/10 ¦
Huge EP

Our Few Words

First of all, it’s important to note that this beautiful EP comes from a promising Parisian Label that must be very closely followed, that is L.O.V.E. Ltd, creation of the talented composer named DOUZE. So, the British prodigy ‘Gary Harper’ aka ‘Demi Gods’ has joined the team, bringing with him a pronounced and totally assumed ‘Synthwave’ side. Indeed, the artist literally transports us on full of emotions journeys with sounds borrowed from the best of the 80’s. From space sounds of ‘Dreamwave’ to lively ‘Chillwave’, here is the atmosphere. The EP starts like a good sci-fi film with ‘Queen of Diamonds’ that immediately captivates with a lot of sounds influenced by the world of the legendary ‘Alan Braxe’, with an effective rhythms and very catchy melodies. Then comes an introduction that has the talent to project us instantly into mythical films like ‘Innerspace’ (1987) or ‘Wargames’ (1983) with the track ‘Marshmallow’. A turn to down-tempo, nostalgically reminding a first romantic outing in carnival, full of sweets and cotton candy. And to finish with our favorite, the inevitable ‘Those Eyes’, why? Because from the first notes we’re transported to another dimension. We had almost the same feeling as when we first listened to the wonderful track ‘Narcissus’ from the Swedish duo ‘Pacific!’. Some deep chords, memorable vocals, impressive bass and breathtaking melodies with rare intensity. A pure virtual journey into the world of TRON (1982) with a touch of ‘Wendy Carlos’ but also of ‘Vangelis’ for a pure sci-fi finale in which we clearly imagine a mythical scene of ‘Blade Runner’ (1982). Basically, an essential EP for your ears!

Gold quote

The London-based producer brings his wonderful synthwave touch to what the label has been trying to explore for the past few years.

– L.O.V.E. Ltd