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Sakke Soini, a highly talented Finnish artist, has made significant contributions to the realms of digital art, illustration, web design, and 3D animation. His journey in the creative field followed an unconventional path.

After graduating in international business, Soini initially worked as a marketing assistant, where he played a pivotal role in crafting several global advertising campaigns. However, he soon found his true calling in the world of web design, and from there, he further specialized as a motion designer, ultimately delving into the domains of DJing and VJing.

Sakke Soini’s distinctive graphic style is deeply influenced by various sources, including music and classic science fiction movies, with « Tron » being a notable inspiration. He also draws creative energy from Scandinavian design, architecture, and fashion. Soini’s exceptional expertise has afforded him the opportunity to collaborate with renowned bands such as « Madeon, » « Lenno, » « Woman in Fur, » « The Glitch Mob, » and « Does It Offend You, Yeah. » His artistic contributions extend to publications like « Nylon Guys » and « Pitchfork Media, » as well as partnerships with sports brands like « Supra Footwear, » « Nike Football, » and « Ray-Ban. »

Sakke Soini has firmly established himself as a visual luminary within the retro-futuristic universe, where his innovative and captivating creations continue to leave a lasting impact.

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