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VHS Glitch is the pseudonym of a versatile Japanese artist with a diverse set of talents that span across multiple creative domains. He has made a significant impact in the realms of music composition for video games, visual media, and graphic design, drawing inspiration from the science fiction aesthetics of the 80s.

VHS Glitch is particularly passionate about two major themes: Synthwave Music and retro-futuristic design. Under the conceptual framework of « VHS Glitch, » he has created a character with a unique mission—to save humanity from the influence of new technology that erases the memories of the 80s. This heroic character is encapsulated within a special VHS cassette tape, which serves as a vessel to resurrect the spirit of the 80s. The revival involves the infusion of electronic sounds from that era and the creation of retro visuals inspired by the iconic imagery of those unforgettable years.

Through his multifaceted talents, VHS Glitch has not only contributed to the realm of music and visual media but has also crafted a narrative that champions the preservation of the essence and nostalgia of the 80s, resisting the influence of contemporary technology. His work serves as a testament to his dedication to these cherished themes and his commitment to keeping the spirit of the 80s alive through his artistry.

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Country: Japan (Fukushima)

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