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Ralf Krause is a German art director and illustrator from Recklinghausen. After high school, the artist studied visual communication at the « University of Dortmund of Applied Sciences and Arts » and graduated successfully as a qualified designer.

Since 2006 Mr. Krause worked as an independent illustrator by creating his own studio « Eye of the Designer ». From then, he was able to think and express his huge creativity on paper with high quality artworks based on horror movies of the 80s. Since 2011 he has created, with his collaborators, his own communication agency named « Falcon White » whose main activity is the creation of websites and prints. His company is known for its exceptional vision and importance to the smallest detail to best achieve its goal to visually assist their clients in their project.

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Artist Contact: Ralf Krause

Artist Portfolio: Eye of the Designer

Country: Germany

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