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Ralf Krause, a talented art director and illustrator hailing from Recklinghausen, Germany, embarked on a creative journey that led him to success. After completing his high school education, Krause pursued studies in visual communication at the University of Dortmund of Applied Sciences and Arts, where he graduated as a qualified designer, equipped with a strong foundation in the visual arts.

In 2006, Ralf Krause took the bold step of becoming an independent illustrator, establishing his own studio known as « Eye of the Designer. » This transition allowed him to fully unleash his immense creativity on paper, resulting in high-quality artworks that drew inspiration from the horror movies of the 80s, a genre characterized by its unique and iconic visual style.

In 2011, Krause expanded his creative endeavors by co-founding a communication agency named « Falcon White, » alongside his collaborators. This agency specializes in the creation of websites and printed materials. « Falcon White » is renowned for its exceptional vision and meticulous attention to even the smallest details, which are crucial in achieving their goal of providing visual support to their clients’ projects.

Ralf Krause’s journey is a testament to his passion for art and design, as well as his commitment to delivering high-quality visual solutions to clients in a variety of creative avenues, from illustration to web and print design.

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