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Rachid Loft, an accomplished illustrator and conceptual artist hailing from Agadir, Morocco, boasts a wealth of experience in his field. His work predominantly revolves around evoking nostalgia from people’s childhoods, whether it’s through the cultural touchstones of American cinema from the 80s to the 90s or the world of video games.

Born in 1984, Loft’s passion for drawing was ignited at a very young age. With a keen interest in various forms of art, he gravitated towards graphic design and illustration. Initially, his artistic journey led him to sketch anime characters, but he naturally transitioned into the world of graffiti. After pursuing studies in visual art, he embarked on a career in mobile game design and silkscreen printing.

A pivotal moment in Rachid Loft’s creative journey occurred when he encountered the game « Mirror’s Edge. » Its aesthetics, level design, and atmosphere left a profound impact on him, inspiring him to specialize in interior and environment design. His talent and dedication have earned him the trust of prestigious companies like Playstation, NVidia, Bosh, Porsche, and Ferrari.

Loft’s distinctive artistic style draws inspiration from retro games and movies, often narrating captivating stories through his work. This affinity for the retro aesthetic aligns with the Synthwave movement, where the culture of the 80s takes center stage. Rachid Loft’s ability to channel the nostalgia of past eras into his creations positions him as an artist who bridges the gap between the old and the new, continually celebrating the enduring charm of the 80s.

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