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Rachid Loft is an illustrator and conceptual artist with great experience, from Agadir in Morocco.

Most of his work is about reviving people’s childhood, whether through the culture of American cinema from the 80s to the 90s, or video games. The artist was born in 1984 and his passion for drawing came to him when he was very young. Being interested in any form of art, he wanted to move towards graphic design and illustration. At the beginning, he drew anime characters and then he went naturally to the art of graffiti. After studying visual art, he started his career in mobile game design and silkscreen printing. The famous game Mirror’s Edge was a revelation for Rachid, because of its aesthetics, level-design and atmosphere, he decided to become a designer specializing in interior and environment. Trusted by companies like Playstation, NVidia, Bosh, Porsche, Ferrari. His style is generally inspired by retro games and movies by telling stories, which brings him closer to the world of Synthwave where 80s culture is paramount.

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Country: Morocco (Agadir)

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