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Paul Shipper is an English independent illustrator coming from Manchester. He’s known to have worked for the world of cinema and advertising with exceptional artworks.

Passionate since his childhood by the movie posters stuck in his bedroom and in the waiting halls of cinema, the artist devotes himself to create what has always fascinated him. After a formation of traditional and digital painting as well as a lot of will, he manages to create works of a very high quality, getting closer to a very particular graphic universe. With an assumed ‘retro’ visual footprint and the current trend for the 80s, Paul acquires a growing clientele until reaching the film industry with great personalities like J.J. Abrams, Frank Darabont, Bob Gale, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Duncan Jones, Tom Tykwer and the Wachowskis to Lucasfilm with its ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’. Mixing classic techniques with pencils and painting as well as modern computer-based techniques, Mr. Shipper’s artworks make it the ‘Drew Struzan’ of today. His work was awarded in 2014 with a ‘Key Art Award’ and in 2015 with a ‘LCS Award’. Note that the artist is part of the association ‘The 501st Legion’ in recognition of his devotion to Star Wars universe with his art. Most of his works have appeared in galleries around the world and are available for sale in online stores.

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