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Overglow is an ambitious graphic project created by an Italian graphic designer who doesn’t want to disclose his identity. His particularity is based on a graphic style inspired by science fiction from the 80s.

Legend has it that he was sent from the future with a mission to change the trend of the visual universe through his art. Referring to the covers of arcade games, SF/horror movies from 80s. His ultimate goal was to improve aesthetics of this world with his exceptional illustrations. By focusing primarily on the music universe (electronic and rock), the artist is concentrated on the creation of numerous logos and illustrations, resulting in record covers, posters, artworks and t-shirts. His expertise has allowed him to collaborate with film production studios such as « Sony Pictures » and « Frozen Peak Filmproduktion », some magazines like « Bq Magazine » and well-known websites in Synthwave world like « New Retro Wave ». He has inevitably worked with musicians such as artists of Labels like « Champagne Records » and « Sunlover Records ». His art is only at its starting point.

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Country: Italy (Rome)

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New Retro Wave logo by Overglow

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