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Electric Youth is a duo composed of a singer woman, Bronwyn Griffin, and a composer, Austin Garrick from Toronto and Hamilton West in Canada. Their musical style is a combination of modern pop and electronic sounds coming from the 80s, giving a genre closely linked to « Synthwave », more precisely to « Synth-pop ».

More than just a band, « Electric Youth » has been a couple in life for more than 18 years and it’s only since 5 years that they compose music together. They released an EP named « Replay » in 2009, which allowed them to be spotted by the VALERIE collective and thus, to release a track in common with the boss, College, the famous « A Real Hero ». Lyrics written by Austin, sung by Bronwyn with a composition by « David Grellier ». A track that was spotted two years later by the team of « Nicolas Winding Refn » for his legendary movie, DRIVE. From then, everything went on and this track became the star song of the film, which allowed them to be nominated for the « MTV Movie Award 2012 ». On the Label « Secretly Canadian » they release their first album named « Innerworld » in September 2014, which consists of all their singles (including the hit of Drive) as well as some unpublished tracks. After, they did their first tour in the US and Canada from November 2014. Following « DRIVE », they still worked with Mr. Winding Refn for his film « THE NEON DEMON » with a track named « Good Blood ». This track appears in a compilation named « The Wicked Die Young » from « Cliff Martinez », with tracks of « Giorgio Moroder », « Suicide » and « Pino Donaggio », which inspired the universe of the movie. They’re currently working in studio for their next album, which should be released this year. Stay Tuned!

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