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Danger aka Franck Rivoire is a French musician and draftsman born in 1984 at Saint-Chamond. He’s known as a talented composer, hidden behind a mask during his performances and inspired in large part by the world of video games and Sci-Fi movies of the 80s.

Franck begins his artistic career with a comic book centered around two characters (him and his evil double) which he imagines in a grandiose and intriguing greenery. It’s from this project that he created the mask that he carries during his Lives/DJsets, a clever mix between Venom (Marvel), a Jawa (Star Wars) and the black mages of ‘Final Fantasy’. With a thorough musical training in piano and saxophone, it was the discovery of the MAO that decided him to devote himself to electronic music. In 2006 on ‘Ekler’o’shock’ he released his first EP named « 09/14 2007 » with the peculiarity of having tracks named in hourly format. The movie soundtracks of Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick and John Carpenter remain a great source of inspiration. The cinematic dimension is very pronounced, as is the subtlety of the sounds used in video games. Moreover in 2016, he participated in the soundtrack of the game Fury from The Game Nakers. In parallel, he created SUNSET with Raphaël Siboni revealing dark sounds with lyrics striking with slams and videos as strange as mystical. In 2013 he created his own Label ‘1789 Records’ and released his latest EP named ‘July 2013’, accompanied by a fanstatic video behind the track ‘1:30’. His long awaited debut album 鼓 鼓 (‘drum’ in japanese) is out now.

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1789 Records

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LP release

▸ Origins (2019)  1789 Records
▸ 太鼓 (2017)  1789 Records

EP releases

▸ July 2013 (2013) 1789 Records
▸ 09/17 2007 (2007) Ekler’O’ShocK
▸ 09/16 2007 (2007) Ekler’O’ShocK
▸ 09/14 2007 (2007)  Ekler’O’ShocK

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