GUNSHIP is an English band with a singer Alex Westaway and two musicians, Dan Haigh (synthesizer) and Alex Gingell (drums) forming a particular electronic music, with some sounds taken from the 80s but with a very pronounced retro-futuristic touch. Their style is categorized to Synthwave and Synth-pop.

After a break of their Rock band named « Fightstar », GUNSHIP was formed in 2010 with Alex Westaway and Dan Haigh. Then the drummer Alex Gingell joined the team in order to give more punch and for exceptional performances in Live tours. Their influences vary between music of TV series and Sci-Fi films from the 80s but also video games because Dan is also a video game developer and specialist of SFX. The strength of this band lies to the intensity of its cinematic voice and to the genius of melodies made with analog synthesizer, that giving a very stylish cyberpunk style. They released their debut album « Gunship » in 2015 on INgrooves, with a single « Tech Noir » which was remixed by the master of Darksynth, « Carpenter Brut », as well as the boss of « Rossa Corsa Records » and Synthwave’s pioneer, « Miami Nights 1984 ». The cover of their album was created by the king of Retro-futuristic Design, Mister James White (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Power Glove sountrack). They also collaborated with the horror master « John Carpenter » who put his voice on an innovative video made in slow motion, co-written and directed by GUNSHIP and Lee Hardcastle, for their single « Tech Noir ». This video countain a great nostalgia with emblematic figures of the 80s. They even made the first music video made with the Rockstar editor of « GTA 5 » and put their track « The Mountain ». They made a collaboration with « Lazerhawk » for his new album named « Dreamrider » (released on January 18, 2017 ) for the track « Feel The Rush Tonight ». Their new LP named « Dark All Day » is out since October 05, 2018.

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