Gunship, a name that echoes through the realms of British synthwave, began its journey in 2014 under the creative guidance of Dan Haigh and Alex Westaway. Their story took a dynamic turn with the addition of Alex Gingell, whose prowess on the drums complemented the duo’s multi-instrumental talents. This ensemble of artists, each adept in wielding a spectrum of instruments, embarked on a sonic voyage that would redefine the contours of synthwave music.

The genesis of Gunship was rooted in the hiatus of Westaway and Haigh’s previous endeavor, Fightstar, in 2010. This interlude led the pair to explore new musical horizons, culminating in the formation of Gunship. Their eponymous debut album in 2015 marked their entry into the synthwave scene, garnering acclaim for its rich textures and atmospheric depth. « Dark All Day, » their sophomore effort released in 2018, further solidified their standing as architects of aural landscapes that blend the nostalgic with the cutting-edge. Gunship’s narrative took a compelling turn in 2019 with their participation in « The Rise of the Synths, » a documentary that delved into the heart of the synthwave movement. Sharing the screen with icons like John Carpenter, Gunship’s contributions to the genre were immortalized on film. Their collaborative spirit shone brightly in 2021, as they joined forces with Kat Von D on her debut album, « Love Made Me Do It, » showcasing a fusion of talents that transcended musical boundaries.

The unveiling of their third studio album, « Unicorn, » in 2023, was a testament to Gunship’s enduring innovation and their mastery of synthesizers, from the Juno 106 to the MOOG Minimoog. Collaborations have been a cornerstone of their journey, with tracks like « The Video Game Champion » and « Monster in Paradise » featuring a constellation of talents from Thomas McRocklin to Milkie Way. Gunship’s discography is not just a collection of songs but a mosaic of musical alliances that celebrate the spirit of synthwave.

Gunship’s odyssey in the synthwave universe is a beacon for those who seek to navigate the intricate tapestry of electronic music. Their journey, marked by collaboration, innovation, and a profound connection to the genre’s roots, continues to inspire and resonate.

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