• STYLE /Dreamwave, Synthpop
  • RELEASE DATE /September 21, 2018
  • FORMAT /Digital & CD

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¦ 8/10 ¦
Awesome LP

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Our Few Words

The Midnight have come a long way since members Tim McEwan and Tyler Lyle met during a co-writing workshop in North Hollywood, CA in 2012.

They have one of the most impressive discographies in synthwave dating back to 2014 with their first release Days of Thunder. Within the past year they have seen their previous release Nocturnal blowing away expectations by reaching number 17 on the Billboard electronic and dance arts chart. They have finally taken their show on the road with them which has seen most of their dates sell out fast. The Midnight have released a new album to perk our ears to called « Kids » to accompany their worldwide journey. The album opens up with Youth that is a somewhat relaxing introduction which screams as a headline for the theme for Kids with the numerous samples stacked into it. It experiments more with vocal effects to add such a catchy vibe with songs such as Lost Boy and Wave. The highlight of Kids has to be the extremely catchy and groovy America 2; a song that was released before the album. The prelude and resprise of Kids adds a joyous sing along aspect to the album; the interlude Satruday Mornings samples 80’s advertisements with such a calm groove before going into the upbeat gem that is Explorers. Kids celebrates the joys of an 80’s childhood which is expressed in such a heartwarming fashion. It’s not exactly a concept album per say, but it certainly feels like one. This album may lack the mouth watering saxophone solos which have cemented their previous work with pure anthems like Vampires and Crystalline, but this can be a refreshing change from that. This album is emotionally driven that will both warm your heart to comfort that smile back onto your childhood; whether it would be 80’s or not. However we would have absolutely loved at least another song or two added to Kids. This LP is a fantastic adventure into an 80’s childhood that is beautifully emotional, musically superb and is yet another step forward in the right direction for The Midnight.

– Matthew Clewley

Gold quote

All in all, “Kids” is a fantastic album, save for the length.

– NewRetroWave