• STYLE /Darksynth, Chillwave, Electroclash
  • RELEASE DATE /February 22, 2019
  • LABEL /Mouton Noir Records
  • FORMAT /Digital, CD & Vinyl

RSW rating ➔

¦ 8/10 ¦
Awesome LP

Our Few Words

Branching into a league of its own Christine has set it’s sights on amazing the fans with new release Echoes From Dawn.

Starting off from remixing the likes of John Carpenter and Atari Teenage Riot to featuring in the Christophe Deroo feature Same Was Here the band consistently delivered. However Christine has become this French funk monster that can make disco sound terrifying. Their first album Atom From Heart showcased their potential to push forward this new wave of French electronic musicians. Maybe one day they could be like Justice and earn themselves a Grammy.

Full of plenty of collaborations, Echoes From Dawn kicks off with the slow tempo, bass pumping Fallen Hopes. Lust Generation (Feat. Le Spectre) adds chills to the spine with it’s intense atmosphere. The album title sounds like an introduction to an 80’s thriller. Electric Sheep (Feat Zadig) brings the tempo up a bit that provides plenty of action and funk. Interlude From Darkness provides the perfect lead up to the album highlight and lead single Howling Terrors (Feat. Neus). The punching drum beats continue to rock as Error 219 (Feat Plaisirs) and is the only song that features some sort of vocals throughout the song. Sam (Feat. Outlaw) is the most lively and hard beating track with it’s vicious bass line and heavy snare. Calming down the album before kicking back into action is Never The Top (Feat. Sigmar). Echoes From Dawn concludes with Break A Paw (Feat. Museau) which eases out the album with class.

Echoes From Dawn is an absolutely brilliant listen that is definitely up there with music released by the likes of Justice and Sebastian. The professionalism behind the music is second to none and this is something that needs to be produced live. The sheer terror blended in with the heavy funk is signature for Christine and makes them more than respectable in the French electronic scene. This album is a landmark in Christine’s already established history and provides more than just a terrifying vicious soundtrack.

For those who love synthwave with blends of different genres composed to the highest level of musicianship then Echoes From Dawn is a must have. Echoes From Dawn is an excellent mix of intense basslines, kick ass beats and amazing collaborations. This album is a celebration of a new part in Christine’s chapter.

Note that the musician will be in live at the Retro Synth Fury Springfest Part 2 on April 5 in Paris (Petit Bain).

– Matthew Clewley