• STYLE /Outrun, Synthpop
  • RELEASE DATE /July 30, 2021
  • LABEL /Retrowave Touch Records
  • GUESTSForever, Hubrid, Synthezaur, Megan McDuffee
  • DESIGNERS /Skiegraphic, Jimmy Synthetic, Zisto
  • FORMAT /Digital, Compact Disc

RSW rating ➔

¦ 7,5/10 ¦
Huge LP

Our Few Words

Codename Jody is the new release from BMX Escape which offers something very different to most records we review. It comes across as a concept album and has its own synopsis to follow. The story focuses on Jody who is a secret Government virologist on the run after she has a sample of a new substance the government want to weaponise after she destroyed the others. Now she’s a fugitive on the run from the Government. The year is 1985, a year we all love. We have reviewed this story to see if it will live on to tell the tale.

VHS Trailer is a very tongue-in-cheek introduction that is brilliantly produced and one of the most enjoyable starts to a record I’ve heard in a while. Codename Jody Theme is a thumping and electrifying tune that belongs in the elite rave style themes like Mortal Kombat. My Crush, vocals by BY FOREVER, is a unexpected but sweet ballad about the Jody character within this EP. Colonel Arnold is an immense operatic tune showing they business is meant in capturing Jody. Thunder Highway is a fast paced typical synthwave jam flowing through your imagination like an epic chase scene; it also contains saxophone which is always a win. Meet At The Arcade is an interlude with chiptune charm to show what the next plan is for Judy. City Explorers, featuring Hubrid, is another synthwave jam giving off chase scene vibes. In The Elevator is a quick song with a bass that slaps brilliantly. Love’s Escape, featuring Megan McDuffee, is a great anthem which is the typical lyrics we know and adore from McDuffee which ends this album with a banger.

Codename Jody is an EP which has an incredible crisp and clear sound which knocks it out of the park with sheer class. The story of Jody being a fugitive from the Government could have done with more songs to showcase the plot as without the synopsis it won’t be easy to follow. It is one of the first synthwave albums that tries a War Of The Worlds style with the genre, and to us this does mostly work. You can’t fault the songwriting and production as it is expertly done. Codename Jody is a tremendous effort that we feel could do with a sequel as the story is very intriguing and the music is top notch class.

– Matthew Clewley
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