Mega Drive has released another single for us on FiXT Neon to switch on our speakers and blast it at full volume.

The single release NARCS is more fresh material from Mega Drive following on from Encoder. NARCS has two songs and the title song is a fast paced, adrenaline fuelled journey accompanied with heavy bass and sweet melodies. The second song Gun Hag is more frantic and seems to fuse synthwave with an industrial rock edge to it.

Two superbly composed songs on one release is more than you can ask for from a single. Mega Drive adds power and excitement to these tracks. NARCS is a vicious single that belongs in an 80s action film and if this is the vibe Mega Drive’s new album, 199XAD, gives then we can’t wait until it drops.

Written by Matthew Clewley
Designed by Space Master

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