For our first spotlight, we decided to put a spotlight on the french shiny raptor SilverHawk aka Donny Braco.

He’s a musician since the age of 13 as a guitarist and bassist, he was able to integrate some bands with different styles such as Metal, Punk and Hardcore but he realized that the guitar wasn’t his chosen instrument in life. So he discovered the bass with Jazz & Funk from the Seventies with legends like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorius. Then, he started a great adventure by going on tour to Parisian and regional Jazz clubs. Some artists like Paul Hardcastle, Jan Hammer, George Duke, Stanley Clarke, Cindy Lauper, Front 242, T21 are a great source of inspiration for him. Raised by the 80s in different styles, from Pop to Hip-Hop, Big Beat to Break Beat, Funk to Outrun, New Beat to New Wave or Cold Wave, SilverHawk can compose anything with style and creativity.

Ring retro or crash

The artist discovered Synthwave music recently in 2016, that represent a vibration and not a fashion trend. He had an adviser who is a pillar of this universe, Mr. Michael Glover known as Miami Nights 1984, boss of the first Label dedicated to this musical style, Rosso Corsa Records. Then he decided to take a decisive turn in his musical life inspired by the energy of the 80s.

80s energy, a powerful gasoline

A big part of his tracks are impregnated by a cry of falcon, in fact it’s his emblematic signature. Why a hawk? For him « the falcons don’t fly with pigeons. » This doesn’t relate to any claim, but rather to a state of consciousness. He said that: « in the 80s there was an incredible creative and liberating madness with a enormous energy, after 1000 years it will still resonate in you! ». 80s energy is his gasoline. Silverhawk composed a part of the fantastic track ‘Do It All Over Again’ by Night Vision, a project by Tali Dennerstein who is the singer and songwriter. He also joined the excellent russian singer Daria Danatelli for a new huge track ‘Love Revelation’. A pleasure for our ears!

A French Hawk with Silver wings

SilverHawk doesn’t want to be classified in a ‘Synthwave box’ only as a victim of a fashion phenomenon but he wants to be respected as an artist who will last and evolve in this field for many years. We discovered this exceptionnal musician with his mythical track ‘Heartbeat’ (that reminds us « Ocean Drive » by MN84) which we didn’t hesitate to integrate into our Mixtape Time Machine with the vocal of Technologic by Daft Punk. He has recently been approached by the label Lazerdiscs Records and an EP will be released soon. To date, he has a track in the compilation ‘Synth Love Affair Vol.2’ for the label Future City 80’s Records. He’s supported by the legenday Youtube channel NewRetroWave and also Recall FM, his compositions are regularly played by the renamed Drive Radio and TL80s Synthwaves. This artist possess a really rare mastery of his instruments with intensive and effective melodies. For sure, he has a bright future.

Check by yourself to his Soundcloud account here, you’ll not be disappointed.

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